Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Logan's Run Press Kit (1976)

This is a post from the archives.  I've had this document for years but it is too large to scan easily (each panel is slightly larger than two 8 x 11 inch sheets of paper) and I've never had software that easily allowed me to mate together multiple scans into one document.  I recently found a free program and have been experimenting with that and some of these items to gauge the results.

Part of what I find interesting about this document is the scripted announcements near the end, complete with blank lines ______________ for a person to fill in the name of their city or local theater when using the script in a newspaper article or perhaps reading it aloud on the radio.

Blue Velvet Press Kit Revisited - David Lynch Bio

Here is the first of the full scans from the Blue Velvet press kit that I acquired last year.